Jo Anne Mayor has been serving  St. Joseph School for half a century.

   Jo Anne Mayor has been one of St. Joseph School's strongest supporters for at least 50 years. She has children and grandchildren who've graduated from here and began working in 1999 as a St. Joseph Elementary and Middle School secretary for more than a decade. She was also a substitute teacher for another 11 years and even served as a cheerleader sponsor. In 2007 Ms. Mayor was named an Honorary St. Joseph Alumni. She'd lived in Conway as a child but her family moved for a time so she finished high school in West Virginia.
   If all this wasn't enough, Ms. Mayor found time to volunteer at the St. Joseph Flea Market. It contributes most of its income to the school. She was a constant every week as a cashier until recently when she retired from that job after more than a dozen years. "All the customers loved her and she knew a lot of their names," Flea Market Coordinator Mary Hoyt said. "She was dedicated. We feel like we've lost a member of our family."
    The Flea Market's regular customers will miss seeing her at the counter, but Ms. Mayor won't really be gone. She's tirelessly agreed to come in periodically to help in the back with pricing merchandise where she can still visit with people. She's even said she'd be willing to go back to the register in a pinch.