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The girls won all their games.
Matthew Seiter was Runner-Up Medalist
Fair Parade Participants
Kaitlyn Kordsmeier was the medalist
Two volleyball girls were chosen this week.
They help defray referee costs
This was one of Ms Barker's first labs in her new job here.
Coach Davis says is was "a huge success."
These are the first athletes to receive these awards for this school year.
All three games were close.
The Cross Country Teams had some medalists
Kaitlyn Hartman is in Ms. Pizzolatto's class.
It was created by Ms. Alicia Yrle'
Seiter and Kordsmeier lead the field
This will be a great teaching tool for the students.
She's the new high school science teacher
The varsity did it in three straight. The junior high in two straight.
It could be mild or spicy.
This helps pay for referees