Anatomy Students Dissect Sheep Brains

  Anatomy students at St. Joseph High School have been studying the nervous system. A lab involving sheep brain dissection was recently conducted since the brain is part of that system. "It receives information from nerves all over the body through the spinal cord," teacher Angela Collins said. "It then processes that information telling the body what to do." 
  The students were tasked with exploring the structure of the brain and identifying its parts. They examined the outside of it and cut inside to see parts that otherwise aren't visible. By so doing, they learned what each part does. "The brain controls most body functions so as the rest of the body is explored students learn how interconnected all the systems are," Ms. Collins added. 
   "I was surprised at how easy it was to cut into the brain," senior Josie Gamble said. "I thought it would be much harder."  Senior Chloe Skinner thought it was a really good learning experience. "I was able to see and touch parts of the brain you usually only see in books or pictures," she said. Ms. Collins also thinks labs like this are a great way for students to recognize how they feel about dissection and possibly pursue careers in medical or research fields.  

Pictured above are seniors Josie Gamble, Kendall Fillippino and Olivia Williams