Physical Education teacher Brent Bruich leads kids on a jingle jog before the holidays.

  St. Joseph Elementary School held its first annual "Jingle Jog" on December 15 just before the start of Christmas Break. Principal Courtney Pope wanted to have a fun activity before the holidays which would include healthy outdoor exercise. She collaborated with Physical Education teacher Brent Bruich and her other faculty. They agreed to set up three stations for that wintry morning; a half to a 3/4 mile course that kindergarten through third graders ran within a ten-minute period, a bounce house which the kids crawled through and slid on, and a warming refreshment stand where hot chocolate was served.
"It was a huge success," Ms. Pope said. "We can't wait until next year--we plan to invite our families to jingle mingle right alongside of us!" Special thanks go out to Coach "B", School Resource Officer Brad Fornash and Administrative Assistant Jane Royal for the Christmas inflatables. The parents who assisted are appreciated as well.