Seven new teachers took part in a briefing on August 4

   The new Fall term at St. Joseph School begins August 15, and its seven new teachers attended a briefing on August 4th. They include, left to right, Chandler Stanek, Nathan McCrary, Lizzie Whitley, Audrey Elsinger, Ginny Siebenmorgen, Emily Medina, and Austin Neumeier.
    Mr. Stanek is the Boys High School Basketball Coach and Physical Science Teacher. Mr. McCrary will be teaching U.S. History, World History, World Geography, and Career Orientation. He'll also be the Boys Soccer Coach. Ms. Whitley is now the new Second Grade Teacher. Ms. Elsinger is set to teach 8th, 10th, and 12th Grade English. Ms. Siebenmorgen will have three and four-year old Preschoolers. Ms. Medina has charge of Elementary and Middle School Art while Mr. Neumeier will coach Girls Basketball and Softball. He'll also teach Physical Education and Health.
   We welcome them all to the St. Joseph Family and wish for an exciting and successful school year.