A UCA Teddy Bear Clinic was held April 26 and 28.

    Children from St. Joseph Pre and Elementary Schools learned what it can be like to go to a doctor's office or to make a hospital visit when junior nursing students from the University of Central Arkansas' School of Nursing conducted a Teddy Bear Clinic on April 27 and 28.
    Under the supervision of UCA's Clinical Instructor Erin Garrett, the nurses set up stations through which the children were rotated. "We were very excited to help the teachers and students understand a little bit more about health," Ms. Garrett said. "We talked to them about sun safety, teeth brushing, eye care and various things to help the students learn and enjoy being healthy and not being afraid to go to the doctor."
    The event is known as a Teddy Bear Clinic since the children bring their teddy bears or other stuffed animals with them to be diagnosed for imagined illnesses. After they completed the admission and treatment process, the children were advised that the best prescription for their patients is "three hugs and kisses per day."

 Nurse Jaydon Grider is seen here giving instructions on the best way to inoculate a sick patient with helpful medicine.