St. Joseph's Junior and Senior High Cheerleaders recently held a Summer Camp.

 A  Summer Camp for St. Joseph School's 22 Junior and Senior High Cheerleaders for the coming school year was held June 7-11 on the elementary school campus.The girls learned new dances and stunts for the upcoming basketball season, and they also took part in team bonding activities. The camp was led by the mother/daughter team of  Ms Amy and Abigail Covington.  Amy is beginning her eighth year as the school's cheerleader  sponsor and coach. She also teaches at St. Joseph Preschool. Abigail is a 2017 St. Joseph School graduate and former cheerleader who's been coaching here for three years. She soon starts her career here as an elementary school teacher  when she becomes one of its two third grade teachers in the new term.  Katherine Covington, Abigail's sister and a 2019 St. Joseph School graduate, also served as a cheer mentor at the camp. She led the fitness portion of the training and also provided individual help. 
   The participating Junior High Cheerleaders were Olivia Brewer, Avery Cooper, Jordyn Hoelzeman, Josie Jackson, Karleigh Kaufman, Anna Nabholz, Emily Nabholz, Aniston Potts, Annamarie Rawls, Chaysey Singleton, and Anabelle Trusty. The Senior High Squad included Bailey Brewer, Ashlyn Cleary, Ella Crowder, Olivia Keisling, Libby Loynachan, Ava Piraino, Bailey Pope, Isis Reynaud, Ella Rose, Sarah Beth Sammons, and Team Leader Marleigh Thessing.  

   The attached photo shows Coach Abigail Covington crowing Junior High Cheerleader a "Cheer Queen" for her excellent dancing an positive spirit. This now becomes a tradition whenever a cheerleader does something great and deserves recognition.