A Gift From Father Tony

Today on the 31st of January, Father Tony had a special gift to give to everyone attending the all school Mass. He asked four seniors to distribute pictures of Our Lady Of Guadalupe. Father Tony has recently been to Mexico where he stayed at the convent of The Sisters of the Missionary Carmelites of St. Theresa. These sisters are from the same order as our sisters here at St. Joseph. One of them, Sister Herlinda, accompanied him to his visits to the Basilica of Our Lady Of Guadalupe about 10 years ago. At that time he prayed and asked Our Lady to help him learn Spanish and to finish his studies in seminary so that he could become a priest. He promised Our Lady that if she would help him with this that he would come back some day and celebrate mass there in the Basilica. That is what he went for recently. He said it was an incredible experience of God's love for him through the Blessed Virgin Mary. Father Tony recently visited all the school classrooms with a copy of the picture of Our Lady Of Guadalupe to explain to the students its history. The little picture of Our Lady that father handed out today was given to help the students remember the story and to have a piece of his experience in Mexico.