Faulkner County Spelling Bee

8th grader Ashleigh Mallett came in 2nd in the Faulkner County Spelling Bee held January 13 at Conway High School. Braden Eason from Frank Mitchell Intermediate School in Vilonia was the winner.

 Ashleigh was down to the final four contestants out of around 50 spellers when she misspelled "moxibustion". After Eason was declared the winner, another round with the remaining three spellers was held to determine the runner-up. Ashleigh won by spelling "kanji." This is the second time Ashleigh has placed in the County Bee. She won 1st Place when she was in the 5th grade. 

 5th grader Ann Harvey, whom I believe finished among the top 20 spellers, and 8th grader OIivia Pasierb also competed in the County Bee.  We're proud of all three of them.