English Students Take On New Challenge

  One of the great pieces of literature Ms. Alicia Yrle has her 11th grade students each year is "Our Town," the Pulitzer Prize winning allegorical drama about all life in a small New England town. The play was first produced in 1938. 

   Ms. Yrle had always given her Honors students the option of planning a wedding or a funeral for one of the drama's characters. Up until now, they'd always chosen a wedding. This year, she decided to split her 16 students into two groups; one planning a wedding and the other a funeral. 

  Initially, many young persons might flinch at planning such a sad occasion. Becca Chamoun, Kati Dumboski, Caleb Mallett, Lauren Mayden, and Elizabeth Williams calmly took on the project and visited Conway's Roller-McNutt Funeral Home on October 17. With the understanding and help of Ms. Kim Thibodaux, they were able to successfully work through the funeral planning process.