Fourth Graders Take Virtual Trip

COVID-19 restrictions have made field trips off-limits for now, but Fourth Graders at St. Joseph Middle School took a virtual visit to Arkansas' Old State House Museum in Little Rock on October 9. 
   "They 'zoomed' in with us," teacher Nicole Gooch said. "They took us on a mini-tour of the Old State House, gave us background information about the building and the state, and then talked to us about Native-American Arts."
    After the tour was over, each student made an effigy pot to go along with their Native-American Arts lesson. Effigy pots are examples of earthenware crafted by peoples of the Mississippian culture who lived in prehistoric Tennessee and the surrounding area. The Mississippians were excellent potters and made jars, bowls, bottles, and platters depicting animals, birds, fish, humans, and mythological creatures.  Shyla Phillips is seen holding her effigy pot.