Father Jeff Leaves for New Assignment

  Associate Pastor Father Jeff Hebert said his last Mass in that capacity on July 26. He has left St. Joseph Church to assume his new duties as Prefect, or counselor/role model, for seminarians at the House of Formation in Little Rock.
  A luncheon, hosted by Father Tony, Father Chandra and the church staff, was held in Father Jeff's honor on the 24th. After the 5:00 p.m. Mass on Sunday, parishioners told him goodbye either outside the sanctuary or during a drive-by car parade which followed. Middle School Principal Matt Tucker, his wife, Jennifer, and their children are seen among the well-wishers bidding Father Jeff a fond farewell. 

 Also meant to say that Father Jeff told parishioners at the end of Mass that he's originally from Texas and had moved around a lot between various schools and seminaries. "St. Joseph has been my first real home in a decade," he said. "This is where I really learned how to be a priest, and I'm thankful for all you have taught me."