Helping the Hungry

  Close to 100 tenth thru 12th graders at St. Joseph High School were among the 270 volunteers in one morning shift on March 12th who packed nutritious meals for hungry children around the world. The Conway Mobile Pack, which was held at Conway Expo and Event Center, was co-sponsored by Tacos 4 Life and the Feed My Starving Children (FMSC) organization. 

   The meals include rice, chicken, soy, and vegetables that are scientifically engineered to help the malnourished. For every meal purchased at Tacos 4 Life, one meal is donated to FMSC. The students were told a good packing event produces one box per volunteer. There are 36 bags in each box and six meals in each bag. This group packed 381 boxes for a total of 82,296 meals. That translates into feeding 225 children one meal a day for an entire year.  

   Seen here are sophomores Presley Harmon (right) and Sydney Pham.