Understanding Demonic Activity

  Mr. Dave VanVickle, who's spent years assisting priests with their ministries of exorcism and deliverance, spoke to St. Joseph School students on November 15 regarding "The Catholic Truth About Angels, Demons, Ghosts, Exorcisms, and Haunting." 
  "Ordinary demonic activity is temptation to get you away from God," VanVickle said. "The worst thing a demon can do is tempt you." When asked 'Should we be afraid of the Devil?', he drew an analogy with sheep. "It's an animal scared of its own shadow," VanVickle said. "Yet when their shepherd is around, they instinctively feel protected. Likewise, if  Jesus is the center of your life, there should be no fear of Satan. If He's not, you should be afraid."
    VanVickle is the Director of Evangelization for St. Bonaventure parish in Glenshaw, PA. He's also the Young Adult Coordinator of the Catholic Charismatic Renewal National Service Committee.