Movie Inspires Runners

Cross Country coaches Brent Bruich and assistant Larry Trussell took several members of St. Joseph's Cross Country teams to see "Overcomer" at the Cinemark Theatre on Labor Day morning. 
"Overcomer" is a faith-based film about a physically and emotionally challenged teen-age cross country runner who finds God.The audience sees how this young girl uses her new-found relationship with Jesus Christ to come to terms with her troubled past, forgive those who wronged her, and use the strength the Lord has given her to achieve success on the field of play. 
"So many people think running is punishment for other sports," Coach Trussell said. "This movie brought out that cross country is all about endurance and teaching your mind that you can do more than your mind ever thought you could." Coach Bruich echoed those sentiments. "We've been telling our runners a lot of things for the last couple of months that showed up in the movie," he said. 
Both men agreed on the religious values the movie promoted as well. "It reaffirmed all the things we believe in," Coach Bruich said. "It also showed that through Jesus Christ anything is possible," Coach Trussell added. " 'Overcomer' tells us you can always lean on Christ when things are going bad, and that He will help you make it through those tough times."