Teachers & Staff Receive Service Awards

Seventeen faculty and staff from St. Joseph School were honored for their years of service on May 8th. Each honoree received a gift card that can be used with a variety of merchants. 

 The recipients are (left to right-front row) School Nurse Kim Nutt, five years; Preschool Aide Charlotte Paladino, five years; Pre-School Assistant Yareli Paz, five years; 2nd Grade teacher Katie Hiegel, five years; Junior High Math Teacher Bridget Davanzo, ten years; Kindergarten Teacher Charlotte Moix, 35 years; and 5th Grade Teacher Jessica Weakley, five years

Middle Row: Preschool Teacher Amy Covington, 15 years; 4th Grade Teacher Nicole Gooch, five years; Preschool Teacher Paula Siebenmorgen, 25 years; High School Administrative Assistant Tonya Cothern, five years; and Elementary School Administrative Assistant Marla Fisher, five years

Back Row: Preschool Teacher Kathy Hoelzeman, 20 years; Lum Wilhite, School Support Staff, 20 years; High School Math Teacher Mary Joe Seiter, 20 years; High School Social Studies Teacher Karen Davis, 25 years; and Matt Tucker, Middle School Principal ten years