Girls Can Do Anything!

Seven 8th graders took part in UCA's 7th Annual Girl Power in STEM meeting held April 26. They were accompanied by Principal Diane Wolfe. 

 Girl Power in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) allows 8th grade girls to experience hands-on learning opportunities related to careers in those fields. (left to right wearing gift bag sunglasses) Chloe Skinner, Katie Morgan, Josie Gamble, Ruby Jones, Tess Keisling, Izabella Creel, and Marleigh Thessing were assigned different breakout sessions which included Emergency Medicine, Herpetology, Aviation, Pharmacy, Trauma Surgery, Forestry and more.  

This year’s featured speaker was Dr. Maureen Donnelly, whose research focuses on the ecology and evolutionary biology of neotropical amphibians and reptiles with a focus on species from Central and South America.