St. Joseph School is a Catholic community composed of students, their families, and staff each with a unique role. Together they form the St. Joseph School community. We know you are excited to find ways to partner in your child's educational journey.



Mr. R.L. Jackson

Vice President

Mr. James Stobaugh


Mrs. Christie Harmon '93


Fr. Anthony Robbins


Mrs. Wendy Chambers '88


Mr. Mike Garrett


Mrs. Ashley Newman


Mrs. Pamela Cossey '99

Ex Officio Member

Mrs. Hannah Belew,
St. Joseph Middle School Assistant Principal

Ex Officio Member

Mrs. Courtney Pope,
St. Joseph Elementary School Principal

Ex Officio Member

Mr. Matthew Tucker,
St. Joseph School Principal
St. Joseph High School Principal

Standing Committees: Bazaar, Finance, Marketing, & School Policies

Sub-Committees: Determined by current needs

Each Catholic school in the Diocese of Little Rock will have a consultative school board in accordance with the policies and regulations adopted by the Diocesan Board of Education and approved by the Bishop.

Unlike a public school board, the Catholic school board is not autonomous. According to the Code of Canon Law, all parish boards are consultative. Actions of the board become effective only upon the approval of the pastor. To be a school board member is more than just a commitment, and is distinctly different from a political appointment. It is to contribute one ’s talents, wisdom, experience, faith life, and good will to the mission of the school. Individual board members exercise no official consultative role outside the board meeting.


J. Fullerton


Our PTO leads fundraisers for our school as well as provides support to our faculty in many ways. We are so appreciative of all that this wonderful group does for St. Joseph School!

Various other fundraisers may be planned throughout the year.


  • Room Moms & Dads-The PTO coordinates all volunteers for room moms and dads who assist with planning and carrying out all details for 3 class parties in grades K-6 each year.

  • Conference Night Dinner-PTO also sponsors dinner for faculty during parent conferences each semester

  • Teacher Appreciation Week-This is a week set aside during May to honor and recognize our teachers for their time, talent, dedication, and love for our children. The PTO plans ways to show our appreciation especially during this week for our teachers!

Find PTO information and forms here.


Ms. Kathy Denys '93

Vice President

Mrs. Sirena Moix & Mrs. Julie Nabholz


Mrs. Ashley Jackson


Ms. Kathy Denys '93



At St. Joseph School, parent volunteers are the keystone of our mission. Thank you for your willingness to share your time and talent with the faith community of St. Joseph School. The faculty and staff look forward to working with you to promote the value of service as you join in this ministry of the Church.

Prior to serving in a school in the Diocese of Little Rock, a Safe Environment Curriculum and background check must be completed through CMG Connect and approved. To begin the process of obtaining your clearance, click the provided link. The completed background clearance will be emailed to you after you submit your information online. The parish will receive notice from CMG Connect that you have been cleared to serve at St. Joseph School.

Similar to other schools in our diocese, St Joseph School has a service hour requirement 
of thirty (30) hours per year for every family with five (5) of those hours being served in the Flea Market. Families can also pay an opt-out fee ($600), but it's the time and talent from parents that benefit the school most.

Serving is a terrific way to meet other parents, observe the school and staff at work, and spend a little more time with your children. Again, thank you for sharing your time and talents with the SJS community.

A. Rawls

If you would like to volunteer, contact:

Mrs. Angela Rawls '95, Parent Center Coordinator