St. Joseph High School seeks to challenge students to reach their greatest academic potential. “Ultimately, the goal is that of true education: development of the whole person—soul, mind and body.” Toward this end, St. Joseph High School is offering an Honors Status Program to challenge high achievers to greater heights and depths of academic accomplishment in chosen courses. Honors sections are conducted at an accelerated pace and with greater intellectual and depth.


  • Honors English I 

  • Honors Algebra I 

  • Honors Physical Science


  • Honors English II

  • Honors Geometry 

  • Honors Biology


  • Honors English III 

  • Honors Algebra II 

  • Honors U.S. History 

  • Honors Anatomy & Physiology


  • Honors English IV 

  • Honors Calculus 

  • Honors Anatomy

  • Honors Chemistry

  • Honors Physics


Honors Status Designation course addendum is intended to provide motivated and highly capable students with significant academic rigor beyond the expectations of the general curriculum. Honors Status Designation is designed to promote independent, higher level thinking skills and encourage inquiry and self-directed learning. The Honors Status course addendum is designed to provide additional depth of content, accelerated pacing, advanced concepts, and extended independent learning opportunities.


A successful student with Honors Status designation exemplifies the following characteristics and has the following abilities: 

  • Academic initiative and enthusiasm 

  • Self-motivation and independent work ethic 

  • High standards of honesty and reliability

  • Strong reading and writing skills

  • Ability to use higher level thinking 

  • Ability to handle an accelerated pace and independent learning


Please be aware of that the items below are required and will be reviewed by an undisclosed committee as a part of the enrollment process: 

  • Cumulative GPA requirement is 3.25. 

  • Subject area GPA requirement is 3.5 (subject area in which you are applying).

  • Previous grades and/or standardized test scores.

  • Independent learning capabilities .

  • Student exemplifies the characteristics and abilities listed above.

  • Recommendations from instructors or other school officials. 


  • Courses must be submitted by the instructor for designation as an Honors Status course. An addendum to the current curriculum must be established for a course to be approved.

  • Students who desire Honors Status in an approved class must apply using the Application for Consideration. Student records (GPA, standardized test scores, transcript, and teacher recommendation) will be reviewed by an undisclosed committee to determine if the student will be admitted to an honors class. All decisions made by the committee are final. 

  • In order to apply, applicants must have a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.25 and subject area GPA of 3.5. 

  • Students who are accepted for Honors Status will receive instruction in regular classes; however, additional independent work, guided by the teacher, will constitute the Honors Status addendum. 

  • Regular meetings with the instructor and other Honors students are a necessary part of the Honors Status program. These meetings may take place before school, during lunch, or after school. 

  • Students must maintain a 90% semester average or better in all Honors Status courses, successfully complete course requirements for Honors Status students, and consistently adhere to the SJHS Code of Excellence.

  • Students must complete 100% of work in Honors courses to maintain Honors Status. 

  • All students are graded on a 4.5 grading scale in Honors classes. Because of the above-grade-level challenge, students are given 0.5 additional quality points for taking Honors courses. 

  • Honors Status will be assessed at semester report time. 

  • If a student falls below Honors Status for academic reasons, meaning the semester average is less than 90% (A), he/she will be removed from the Honors class for the next semester. 

  • Honors Status courses (including AP, Honors, IB) that are transferred from other academic institutions must meet the same criteria and requirements of SJHS Honors Program, and if requirements are met, the student may receive a weight no higher than 0.5 for the class. 

  • The administration reserves the right to make any necessary changes or addendums to the Honors Status Program at St. Joseph School.

  • Students who apply, are accepted, and maintain “concurrent status” in the UCA Concurrent Credit Program will be given Honors Status as well. Students dually enrolled in both programs will not be required to maintain the 90% average. However, if they drop the concurrent status in a particular class, they will automatically be dropped from the Honors Status Program if they do not have a 90% average or better in the Honors course. The UCA transcript will NOT have a weighted grade or GPA. 

  • Honors Status in a course is designated by an "H" or “Honors” on the high school transcript and requires a more stringent academic workload in that particular subject. Honors Status courses will be chosen from the Math, Science, English, and Social Studies departments. St. Joseph High School Code of Excell


To graduate with Honors at the completion of high school, St. Joseph High School students must have minimally met the following stipulations:

  • Chemistry or Physics

  • 2 consecutive years of one Foreign Language 

  • Trigonometry/Pre-Calculus

  • Earn at least 4 credits with Honors Status

  • Maintain an overall 3.5 average in all classes throughout their high school career (9th -12th grade)

  • Demonstrate consistent adherence to the St. Joseph High School Code of Excellence.

St. Joseph uses the weighted GPA when determining a student’s class rank. Honor Graduates will be ranked higher than students who choose not to fulfill the Honor Graduate Requirements listed above. Valedictorian is the top ranking Honor Graduate(s). Salutatorian is the second highest top ranking Honor Graduate(s). In order to be named Valedictorian or Salutatorian, a student must also be enrolled at St. Joseph School for 11th and 12th grade.