St. Joseph School is committed to providing students with integrated technology instruction and learning. From integration of SMART boards in every classroom to the many innovative ways teachers use laptops, Chromebooks, Google Classroom, multimedia, and Google Apps for Education, the faculty and staff strive to provide their students with the best possible learning environment.

Students can access class notes and assignments that teachers post directly to the Google Classroom. Parents can access their child’s grades and assignments, enabling them to assist their student's academic development.

Blended Technology and Learning

  • All campuses are complete with an wireless infrastructure and fiber optic connection to our provider
  • Elementary houses iPads and Chromebooks for blended instruction in grades K-3 as well as Preschool.
  • Middle School and High School experience blended learning with Chromebooks and laptops with 1:1 devices for students.
  • SJS is an approved Google Apps for Education Site
  • Every content area classroom is equipped with a SMART board
  • Various campuses are equipped with mobile learning carts and chrome labs
  • Faculty integrate technology into daily lessons for blended learning with traditional & technological approaches
  • All campuses are connected via a fiber optic ring
  • Library media and research resources available online
  • Parents can monitor their child's academic progress through our online ParentsWeb Portal
  • All campuses are protected using Enterprise Class Firewall and Filtering Systems as well as Avast Anti-Virus
  • All faculty are provided a school issued laptop for instructional purposes


St. Joseph School is a Catholic institution committed to the teachings of Catholic doctrines and Christian values. St. Joseph School students have access to an academically rich technology environment. Within this environment our students and teachers apply technology skills throughout the learning process. They gain the skills necessary to become productive, responsible citizens in a global society where technology is an important resource for lifelong learning in a quickly changing world.


The mission of the St. Joseph School technology plan is to provide an environment that empowers teachers, students, administrators, and staff to become proficient in the application of technology. By applying these skills they will enhance opportunities for academic achievement, communicate with parents and the global world, and develop continuous lifelong learning through technology for both students and faculty.


Student technology standards are aligned with the Diocesan and ISTE guidelines. To assure accountability for these standards, curriculum checklists for technical skills proficiency are constructed for staff and students. Teachers have access to technology tools that support curriculum, student performance and assessment. These tools not only address curriculum goals and student learning but also give access to professional development opportunities. Teachers implement curriculum plans and goals that include methods and strategies for applying technology to maximize student achievement.

Students use Chromebooks, iPads, iPods, Chrome Labs, laptops, SMART technology, and other technology tools to enhance learning individually and in collaborative groups. Age appropriate productivity tools (word processing, organizers, database, presentation software, etc.) are available for and used by students to collaborate, prepare publications and presentations, and produce creative projects. Students and teachers use internet, Gmail, Google +, Google Classroom, wikis, video, social media, blogs, hand-held devices for small groups, SMART response clicker systems, and web pages to collaborate, publish, and interact with the global community. Students use software and other media to communicate information and ideas effectively to audiences. Real-world resources and problem solving strategies are also used by students. Project based learning (PBL) is implemented along with various creative technology tools to engage students and prepare them to be competitive in our global world.


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