School Board

In accordance with the policies and regulations adopted by the Diocese of Little Rock Board of Education and with the approval of the bishop, the St. Joseph School board is formed as a consultative body. Actions of the board become effective only upon the approval of the pastor of St. Joseph Parish and under the leadership of the principal of St. Joseph School.

Board members are asked to bring their talents, wisdom, experience, faith life, and good will to the mission of the school board. Duties of this body are to formulate and recommend policies compatible with diocesan policy. Its job is also to formulate the annual budget and determine sources of funding it. Diocesan policy dictates that the majority of the board members be parishioners and have children in the school.

Membership terms

Each member will serve a term of three years. Members may serve only two terms. Those terms may be consecutive. The board will consist of 7 appointed members approved by the pastor. Members will roll off of the board each year in a 2-3-2 cycle. Volunteers serving on committees and sub-committees of the board will be considered first for vacant board positions based on expertise and skills aligned to the needs of the school. Board members who roll off of the school board may continue serving on committees.

During February, a slate of candidates will be developed to replace members whose tenure will expire.

During March, the slate of candidates will be ranked, finalized, and personally invited to serve on the board.

In April, new officers are appointed to replace outgoing officers.

Newly appointed members will attend the May meeting and be installed to replace outgoing members. Parents and families will be informed of board membership selection procedures through the student handbook, web site, and open house. If you are interested in serving on a sub-committee of the school board, please contact any school principal for information.

Standing Committees: Bazaar, Finance, Marketing, &  School Policies

Sub-committees: Determined by current needs