Our Approach

St. Joseph School incorporates a Catholic Christian view to teach a curriculum that emphasizes academic excellence with the integration of God’s truth into every course of study. In such an environment, each student is expected to take full advantage of the educational program, using all available home and school resources, in order to perform at his or her highest academic level.

It is the goal of St. Joseph School to help shape our students to become leaders who are critical thinkers and effective communicators, committed to service and rooted in faith. This transformation begins most importantly at home with the family first, secondly in the classroom and then continues in and outside of our community. It is also understood that in order for this transformation to occur, excellence must be maintained within the walls of this school. It is this tradition of excellence that will carry St. Joseph School students to great heights and be known as an excellent Catholic college preparatory school.

It is our privilege to serve the families of St. Joseph School. Additionally, it is our belief that with your prayers and support we will draw from the long history of this school and continue to help build upon its timeless traditions.