Financial Aid

Financial aid is available on an as-needed basis for active Catholic parishioners only at this time. Aid is based upon financial need. The basic responsibility for financing a student's education rests with the family, but a limited amount of financial aid is awarded each year. The Financial Aid Review Committee will set annual deadlines for applying for financial aid, however, applications may be accepted and evaluated as funds become available. Financial aid is provided starting in Kindergarten. Unfortunately, assistance is not provided for students in Pre-Kindergarten.

THE Financial Aid FUND

The financial aid fund was begun many years ago by caring individuals to assist families who are active, contributing members of the parish but not able to pay full tuition for their children to attend St. Joseph School. The St. Joseph School Endowment & Charitable Trust through its designated funds for financial aid contributes the majority of the financial aid available. St. Joseph School realizes the financial sacrifice each family makes in order to provide a Catholic education for their children. Because of this, all factors are considered carefully when the applications are received.

Individuals or organizations may designate/donate funds to be made available for financial aid either through the school or through designated Endowment funds. Those funds will only be used to grant aid which has been recommended by the Financial Aid Review Committee.

The application process is completely confidential. St. Joseph School does not release financial information. Financial aid is given as a reduction in the tuition charge. Such a reduction is not taxable to the family nor is it to be paid back at a later date.


  1. Families apply directly to St. Joseph School for financial aid and are responsible for submitting their own paperwork and records within the designated deadlines. To be eligible, a family must have applied for enrollment and been accepted for the school year.
  2. Based on an objective set of standards, the review committee recommends a decrease in a family’s tuition based on the amount of financial aid available for the school year.
  3. Financial aid is paid for through donations. The funds available for this program come from special designated funds. Therefore, the amount available for financial aid may vary from year to year based on charitable giving. Since the amount available is limited, it is recommended that those interested submit their assessment application as soon as possible.
  4. Financial aid will be allotted on a monthly basis. If the student withdraws from school during the year, all unused portions of their financial aid revert back to the Financial Aid Fund.
  5. Financial aid awards will be communicated, in writing, from St. Joseph School to the applicant.
  6. Families are requested to notify St. Joseph School by the stated deadline for their financial aid award acceptance or rejection of the award and/or the consequential withdrawal of their student for lack of a grant award.
  7. All awards are for one academic year and parents must reapply annually for financial assistance.
  8. Financial aid does not cover annual fees nor books.


Tuition and Financial Aid Procedures (Arkansas Activities Association/ AAA)

If tuition is charged, it must be paid by parent, legal guardian, or other family member. If a parent, guardian, or other family member secures a loan for payment of tuition, it must remain an obligation of the parents, guardian, or other family member to repay the principal and interest in full with no exceptions. Financial aid will be allowed under the following conditions: 

1. Financial aid may only be awarded on the basis of need. Proof of need must be filed in the AAA office on forms approved by the Executive Director. In order to determine the basis for need, all schools awarding financial aid shall use one of the following agencies: Financial Aid Independent Review, Financial Aid for School Tuition, Private School Aid Service, School and Student Service for Financial Aid, Tuition Aid Data Services, and FACTS Grant in Aid Agency. The use of any unapproved agency renders the student ineligible.

2. Any loan program, grant program, educational foundation, scholarship, or similar program that is established and/or administered, in whole or in part, by a school or official of a school is considered financial aid.

3. Schools shall remove any student from athletic eligibility whose accounts with the school are 60 days overdue. 

All records pertaining to financial aid or tuition assistance shall be open to the AAA upon its request. Each school shall be responsible for securing necessary authorization to allow the AAA to review or audit such records. 

In addition, nonpublic member schools providing financial assistance programs for athletes shall present to the Executive Director of the AAA by October 1 of each year the following documents: Financial Aid For Nonpublic School Athletes and Financial Aid Form Supplemental List. Nonpublic member schools must also submit to the AAA a Student-Athlete Financial Aid Report Form for fall sports by December 7 of each year and a Student-Athlete Financial Aid Report Form for winter and spring sports by May 8 of each year.

For more information on financial assistance, or if you are interested in applying for financial aid, please contact:

Mrs. Cathy White '94, School Business Manager at 501.327.5528 or cwhite@sjbulldogs.org.