Home Schooled Students

Students K-8

Admission and placement in grades K-8 after a period of home schooling will be made in accordance with the child’s past school experience. Parents must furnish the St. Joseph School principal with the following:

  • Current Standardized Achievement Test results
  • Courses currently taught and names of textbooks, or other instructional materials used
  • Other materials that demonstrate ability such as: teacher-made tests, essay papers written, math assignments, etc.
  • Records from any school previously attended

These materials, as many as are available, should be furnished to the appropriate principal for review before the placement conference. Parents and the principal will attend this conference. Additionally, appropriate others might be invited, such as a teacher, special education personnel, or other professionals who might assist with placement or provide supporting documentation for that recommendation. Please be aware that when there is uncertainty regarding placement between two grades, St. Joseph School will place the student in the lower of the two grades. If it becomes obvious that the placement was in error, the student will be advanced to the next grade.

In the event that the student’s file does not contain standardized test scores, it may be necessary for such a test to be administered by staff of St. Joseph School to aid in the placement process.

Students 9-12

In high school, placement is based on the number of credits previously earned. For ninth graders, it is based on evidence that the child successfully completed eighth grade. Parents must furnish the high school principal:

  • A list of all courses completed, grades earned, and text books or other instructional materials used
  • Standardized test results previously completed
  • School academic and discipline records from any previous school attended
  • Examples of the student’s work, such as teacher-made tests, essay papers written, Math work completed, etc.

The student’s transcript at St. Joseph School will not have a letter grade for work recorded in home school. Course(s) completed during home schooling will be listed with the grade of “cr”. A student must have attended St. Joseph or another accredited school, for at least six (6) semesters to be considered for honor graduate status. To receive a diploma from St. Joseph School, the student must have attended this school for their entire senior year.

Please be aware that many college scholarships are based on GPA, and the grade “cr” is not used in that calculation. In addition, it is the sole authority of the staff of St. Joseph School to grant or deny transfer credit for work submitted as being previously completed. There is no legal requirement that the school honors credits earned in the home school experience.

We will endeavor to grant credit for all courses for which there is evidence of completion but reserve the right to deny credit in the absence of supporting documentation.