SJHS Parent Blast Nov. 21, 2016
Diane Wolfe

“He who asks is a fool for five minutes, but he who does not ask remains a fool forever.”—Chinese Proverbs

In 7th grade World Civilization, students created foldables that they will decorate with pictures and information from the units on Ancient India and Ancient China.

8th grade World Geography students discussed the question "Should Puerto Rico be a state?" Students analyzed different types of data (charts, voting outcomes, articles) both in support of and against Puerto Rican statehood. At the end of class, students held a referendum vote answering the question. Based on the evidence and discussion, one class decided for statehood, one voted against.

Senior World History ended their study of the Roman Empire. As a final activity, they are creating Roman World newspapers highlighting the information discussed throughout the unit.

For information about the2017 GE-Reagan Foundation Scholarship Program and the Arkansas Sports Hall of Fame Scholarship, please click on the link below:

Mr. Jones’ Oral Communications class attended a weekend camp at the Heifer Ranch. The students participated in hands-on, interactive programs and activities that promoted sustainable solutions to global hunger, poverty, and environmental degradation. Global Gateway creates an existence in which nothing - shelter, food, water or cooking fuel - can be taken for granted. Participants prepare a meal with limited resources and spend a night in the Global Village.