SJHS Parent Blast Oct. 31st
Mrs. Diane Wolfe


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Monday, October 31, 2016

“Learning without thinking is labor lost; thinking without learning is perilous.”


Arkansas History class goes to McGehee, Arkansas to visit the Japanese-American Internment Camp Museum onNovember 3, The large class of 48 will be split into two groups. One will be in the museum examining the exhibits while the other goes to the cemetery where internees who died in camp are buried. Several grave markers are written in Japanese, so that group of students will be creating artistic rubbings of those monuments under the supervision of art teacher Penny Bassham. After lunch, those two groups of students will switch.

The Jr. High Dance for the year has been scheduled for January 21, 2017.

The majority of the Senior Class attended an amazingly scary performance of The Crucible at the Arkansas Repertory Theater this past Friday night! This spooky production reinforced prior learning of literary material, which was read during the students' American Literature class last year, yet at the same time, it provided a new experience for these young ladies and gentlemen. Special thanks to Ms. Penny Bassham and Mrs. Shannon Chamoun and all those who support the Art Rajun Cajun arts program at St. Joseph's who have made trips like this possible for the past six years! Our goal is for all those who attend to have a wonderful time so that a love and appreciation for great works of literature and theater will continue to grow.

~St. Joseph English Department