ARTS-Stitch In Time!
Shannon Chamoun Art Instructor

   Kindergarten through 6th grade students at St. Joseph School are making quilts to be sold at the school's biannual ARTragin' Cajun fund-raising effort February 6. The event helps underwrite the cost of arts-related materials and activities.

"There are seven quilts in progress," art teacher Shannon Chamoun said. "The kids do all of the work and volunteers piece them together. They're then take to a commercial quilter for finishing.

ARTragin' Cajun began in 2002. It was meant to enhance the arts at the school, and the Cajun theme was chose because of Ms. Chamoun's background and ability to cook Cajun food in large quantities.

The adult volunteers assisting the children are Janette Covington, Judy Mahar, Grace Schultz, Margaret Herzfield, Gail Gibson, Cheryl Barnard and Linda Louthian.