Conway Corp Email ALERT
Susie Freyaldenhoven

Dear SJ Families, Faculty, & Staff,

This week we discovered that all of our families who use "" email have not received mail from SJS since mid-to-late August. The last few days we have spent chasing down answers from both Conway Corporation and Google Apps for Education.

In mid-August Google discontinued their ISP partnership with Conway Corporation. At that time, on their end, a setting was changed that removed all Conway Corp. email addresses from our SJS email group lists. We were not aware of this change until recently when parents started asking why they were not getting mail from us.

At this time we have begun the tedious task of re-entering all of the "" addresses into our parent email groups. Unfortunately, when the change occurred it removed every trace so we will be going back through the family information forms manually to find addresses. This obviously will take some time so please bear with us. In the meantime, please use our SJS App. Much of our news and calendar events are posted on the app under "Live Feed"-"News"- "Events"- and "Athletics.