Medals Abound for Bulldogs
Medals Abound for Bulldogs
Ray Nielsen
Thursday, September 13, 2018

Our Cross Country teams competed in the Josh Park Memorial Trail Run at Heber Springs on September 11. Seventeen schools from around the state took part. Runners finishing in the Top 30 received medals. The following St. Joseph students were so honored:

8th grader Jake Hill finished 10th overall in a 2-mile run; sophomore Lilly Hill was 29th overall in a 3.1 mile run; 8th grader Ruby Jones was 15th overall in the 2-mile run; freshman Ashleigh Mallett was 8th overall in the 2-mile run; 8th grader Chloe Skinner was 26th overall in the 2-mile run; and 7th grader Lydia Humphrey was 15th overall in the Small School Division (1-4A schools) in the 2-mile run.