9-11 Memorial
Mrs. Beacham

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Students every year we hold a memorial service to honor all those who lost their lives on September 11.

This service was held at the flag pole but this year the 15th anniversary falls on a Sunday.

Students please show your support for our local firefighting community by attending a memorial service that will be held at

Simon Park, at 2:00 on Sunday, September 11.

The students of St. Joseph School wish to remember and to honor the 2,996 people who lost their lives on September 11th 2001.

Your thoughts and prayers are to be given in honor of the victims and to those heroes who lost their lives working to save them.

This year marks the 15th anniversary on the attack of the World Trade Center Towers, the Pentagon and flight 93.

Also lost that day were the special heroes who rushed in to save the innocent; 343 firefighters, and 71 law enforcement personnel.

To all students, this year September 11 falls on Sunday, please show your support as you drive to church or work.

Please drive with your lights on to give honor and remembrance to those who perished on 9-11.

In addition at noon on Sunday, no matter where you are, stop put your hand on your heart and

say a prayer for your nation and for the heroes who worked to save the victims and for the families that were left behind.