Free AR Catholic Newspaper Coming in October!
Susie Freyaldenhoven


Dear Parents,

As a parent of a student in Catholic schools, we believe it is very important to keep you informed of news and events happening in the Catholic schools in Arkansas and provide opportunities for faith formation for you and your family. Arkansas Catholic Digital is the perfect avenue for you to get this information and inspiration quickly and on the go.

Starting this fall, you will be given a FREE online subscription to Arkansas Catholic, the weekly newspaper for the Diocese of Little Rock. It is a free service to you as a Catholic school parent. Each issue of Arkansas Catholic contains stories about Catholic school students, graduates and happenings in the schools. Five times a year special sections provide extensive coverage of the schools. Plus you will get details on the larger Catholic Church and Pope Francis.

Many of your children are already familiar with the newspaper as it is used as a teaching tool in most schools.

The benefits to Arkansas Catholic Digital are many:

1. You can access Arkansas Catholic Digital anywhere you have an Internet connection,

24/7, from your computer, laptop and most smartphones and tablets.

2. You will always have access to Arkansas Catholic issues back to 2002, so you can

search for any topics or people you are interested in.

3. You can "clip" out any article and share it with others via social media or e-mail.

4. You can bookmark articles you want to keep track of.

5. You can go paperless.

6. You will not have postal delays or lost issues in the mail.

Soon you will be receiving an e-mail with the subject line: Thank You For Subscribing to the Arkansas Catholic e-Edition. You might need to look in your spam/junk folder for the email if you don’t see it. This email will allow you to set up your password and get a weekly reminder email when the new issue of Arkansas Catholic is available.

If you don’t want to receive this digital publication, just ignore the email and you will not receive subsequent emails from Arkansas Catholic.


Malea Hargett