SJS Parent Blast
Mrs. Diane Wolfe


Tuesday, September 6, 2016

“Learning is not attained by chance. It must be sought for with ardor and attended to with diligence.”—Abigail Adams

The following students from SJ were selected to participate in the Faulkner County Youth Leadership Institute this school year:

Madison Beck

Mary Hartman

Lauren Holbrook

Olivia Huett

Patricia Lambe

Ian Martin

FCYLI is designed to help develop leadership potential within 11th and 12th grade students.

REMINDER: Meet & Greet > Drive & Eat set for Saturday, September 10th from 10am-4pm in the gym parking lot. Free Food, Fun and Fundraising!

St. Joseph students take on Recycling

The 9th grade Civic's class has been in charge of a school program entitled the Friday Service and Recycling Program. The program includes emptying all the teacher's recycling boxes, cleaning in the teacher's lounge, using the leaf blower to clean off the front of the school and the alley between the portables, dusting in the library and using anti-bacterial on the classroom door knobs. Thank you Freshmen!

The Interact Club is currently holding an enrollment drive and presently has eighty-seven students enrolled. You do not need a certain grade point to be a member- just a smiling face, a caring heart and a pair of willing hands.

The freshmen created "Survival of the Fittest" presentations, where they had to work together in teams to decide the best course of survival after their plane went down in the Amazon. They had to address specific issues including identifying food sources, water sources, shelter, physical ailments, mental stress, and possible challenges and obstacles the teams are likely to encounter. This project was designed to go along with the short story, "The Most Dangerous Game," which was read in class as part of a short story unit.

7th grade religion class interviewed parents, grandparent, siblings, and friends and asked the question: “What does God look like?” The answers were profound.

9th grade religion class completed the 3 week course answering the QUESTION: “What exactly is the Bible?”

11th Grade religion class just completed their study on Liturgy and the Liturgical Year, signs, symbols, and Tradition.

UCA Associate Director of Financial Aid, Julia Robison, will be speaking to us about State and Federal Aid and all of the changes that have come up this year. Whether you are new to the college planning process, or you have been through all of this before, you will not want to miss this night of information. Also at this meeting, Mrs. Alicia Yrle, our Junior Sponsor, and Mrs. Karen Davis, our Senior Sponsor, will have information about the many activities that will be going on this coming school year.

6:00-6:30 State and Federal Aid Presentation

6:30-6:45 College Planning Information

6:45-7:00 Junior and Senior Information from Class Sponsors