Uniform Policy Update 2016-17
Susie Freyaldenhoven

Dear Parents,

An administrative decision regarding the school’s uniform policy per discussion with Fr. John has been made. For the 2016-2017 school year both policies will be recognized for one (1) academic school year. This will allow St. Joseph School to transition to the actual final uniform policy changes for the 2017-2018 school year. Thank you for the positive comments from both sides.

Blended St. Joseph School Uniform Policy 2016-17:

  • All current uniform colors/styles may be worn next school year. (red, white, yellow, uniform plaid (#55), navy, & khaki (not stone))
  • Purple and heather grey (not light grey) polos may also be worn next school year. (St. Joseph School logo is not required on any polos)
  • No labels or brands visible on shirts
  • Dark heather grey sweatshirt or ¼ pullover with current school logo will be available through the St. Joseph School PTO next fall
  • Khaki (not stone) shorts, pants, skirts, or jumpers may be worn K-12 (as well as navy)
  • White, navy blue, or black socks with no logos or symbols-must be plain.
  • We are in the fourth year of branding the new school logo. NO old school logos allowed starting with the 2016-2017 school year..


  • The Toggery and Lands End will carry the purple and heather grey colors AFTER we send them the information. You will be notified when these vendors have St. Joseph Schools’ new colors available.
  • Other options are Wal-Mart & Target. Purple cannot be lilac or light purple hues. Must be bulldog purple.


Purple: #267

Gold: #123

Charcoal: Cool gray #11

Silver: #429