Cyber Cafe Job Openings
Mrs. Lieblong

Courtyard & Cyber Cafe Job Openings for 2016-2017Courtyard Cafe LOGO .png

The St. Joseph High School Students now have an opportunity to for personal and professional growth with the Courtyard and Cyber Cafe established in 2015. This is still a new and fresh concept for SJHS and adjusting to what works best for the student, class and sponsor therefore the terms and conditions of the “job” could change at any time. The most important goal for creating a “student” job is to allow a simulation of a real working job. A variety of compensation offers will be tried at this time but could change according to the financial status of the operating cafe.

  • Students apply for a “job” in the Courtyard & Cyber Cafe they will complete the job application click here for APPLICATION
  • Applications will be reviewed by the Student Board of Directors
  • Applications will be reviewed by Mrs. Gueringer & Mrs. Lieblong
  • Students offered a job will be asked to sign the Student Agreement for the semester upon accepting the position offered.
  • Students will be compensated based on specific work schedules and a “timesheet” system will be in place to ensure accountability.

Compensation Options Compensation Details

Manager (15+) - will be responsible for training and scheduling employees, working in the cafe, keeping accurate records, and reporting to Mrs. Lieblong on a regular basis and performing employee duties as well.

Employees - Serve-Wait-Wash

Job Descriptions: Maintain a clean and neat appearance and have a POSITIVE attitude while working in the cafe. Set Up, Prepare, Clean Up and Work scheduled shifts on a regular basis. Must Complete Training (Safety & Sanitation Procedures, POS software, Count Money, Prepare Menu Items, etc..)

Grounds Manager/Maintenance- to be responsible for managing the maintenance of the courtyard and “handyman” jobs in the cafe. Watering plants, mowing, cleaning, moving things, etc..

Sample of Duties:JOB DESCRIPTIONSScreen Shot 2015-06-05 at 6.09.04 PM.png

Sample of Training:Training Agenda