Year of Mercy Posters
Mrs.Lutes-HS Religion Teacher

As a class activity this semester, I held an Extraordinary Jubilee Year of Mercy Poster Contest in my 7th, 9th, and 11th Grade Religion Classes.

I used what I titled as "Imaging." (No computer use; only brain power and intellect power). The students first brainstormed all the words that related to "MERCY" and we wrote them all over the board. Every class was different and yest very similar. Next, each student looked at the word list and wrote down 10 words that "spoke to them", that they knew or related to. We put that away.

Session#2: Each student took out their word list and now chose 5 of the 10 words and wrote visual words that related to their 5. Words they could see, touch or feel relating to their 5 word list. We again put it away.

Session #3: Now what does "MERCY" look like to you? Design your poster.

The 7th grade class used the title: "What does MERCY look like to you?"

The 9th Grade developed their MERCY Posters through the BEATITUDES and the COMMANDMENTS.

The 11th Grade designed theirs through the Stations of the Cross.

Needless to say, my students surpassed my expectations in so many ways and I think they surprised themselves. My hope for the students was for them to mark time in their lives as Pope fRancis declared this year - an Extraordinary Year of Mercy and that for them to see that MERCY is a way of life.

Thank you to Mrs. Christy Trantina and staff members at St. Joseph's for choosing the winners.

Congratulations to all the students for their excellent work.

Each student will receive from me a $10.00 gift card to Chick - Fil- A. It is my blessing and a privilege to be part of your young person's religious experience here at St. Joseph's High School.

7th Grade:

Jacob Bailey

Gage Kordsmeier

Megan McWilliams

Campbell O'Dwyer

Eva Palmer

Michael Shofner

9th Grade:

Mary Pham and Lillie Tuttle

Leah Miller and Jacinta Murphy

Katherine McWilliams and Brittany Woodson

Hope Hargrave and Anna Wade

11th Grade:

Rachel Prall and Erin Sterka

Hunter Trussell and Amber Briggler

Abigail Covington and Joan Elsinger


Ms. Lutes