Recycle Winners-Freshmen!
Susie Freyaldenhoven

A recycling competition between the 7th and 12th grades at St. Joseph High School to bring in the most items during the school year has ended with the freshmen class prevailing. It accumulated 17,154 box tops, soup labels, Coca-Cola bottle caps, ink cartridges and aluminum cans all of which are redeemable for cash or points that benefit the school. The 7th grade was a close 2nd Place with 17,154 items.

The box tops alone brought in about $2,000 from Box Tops For Education. The Campbell's Soup labels and Coke caps earned points which are banked and later converted into gift cards.The ink cartridges earned about $400 that goes into a school supplies fund. The cash from aluminum cans support a maintenance fund for the school's buses

As a result of their efforts, the freshmen were treated to lunch at Larry's Pizza on April 12th.