Change 4 Life Baby Bottle Collection
Jeff Shachmut

Dear Parents and Teachers –

Life Choices is once again sponsoring their annual "Change for Life" campaign. Your student(s) will be bringing home a baby bottle (today or tomorrow) in which they can collect change. The money collected will go to Life Choices to help promote pro-life causes, and help them in their outreach program to those who contact them for assistance.

The St. Joseph Church community and our Faith Formation (PRE) classes will be participating in this project at the same time – as well as churches throughout the city of Conway.

The baby bottles need to be returned to the Classroom Teacher (K-6) or Religion Teacher (7-12) on Tuesday, February 16th, We greatly appreciate any assistance you can provide for this worthwhile cause.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

God bless,

Jeff Shachmut

8th, 10th, & 12th Grade Religion Teacher