Math Bulldogs ROCK IT!
Mrs. Diane Wolfe

The final results of the National Catholic Math League competition are in and SJS did EXTREMELY well.  So proud of our students for participating and proud of our faculty in preparing our students so well that they shine academically, both regionally and nationally!

 Division 2 includes the following states:  Arkansas, Alabama, Texas, Tennessee, Florida, New Mexico and Missouri.  Schools competed as a school and by individual students.  Participants

Grade                 Division 2                       National Ranking

  3                           5th place                             35/90 schools

  4                           4th place                             53/80 schools

  5                           6th place                             70/112 schools

  6                          10th place                            69/118 schools

  7                           2nd place (missed by 1pt)   17/83 schools

         4 students placed in the top 10 -      

Ashleigh Mallett (4th place)    

 Zack Tucker (5th place)

 Grayson Hambuchen  (7th place)

Luke Briggler  (9th place)

Pre-Algebra (8)    2nd place                              7/116 schools 

Caleb Mallett  (1st place)      

Caleb Mallett (2nd place nationally out of 1,883 students)

Matthew Brorman  (4th place)


 Algebra I              1st place                              18/125 schools

                              Abbie Flake (2nd place)

                              Nick Brorman (5th place)

SJS and students placing 1st, 2nd and 3rd will receive certificates/ plaques for a job well done.