Inclement Weather Information
Susie Freyaldenhoven

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Dear Parents,

Inclement Weather Information:

St. Joseph School has two snow days built into the school calendar. Therefore, if school is closed due to inclement weather St. Joseph School will use those two days first. If closed more than two days, students will be assigned cyber day lessons. St. Joseph School may use up to five cyber days per ANSAA and the DOLR guidelines.

  • What is a “Cyber Day?”
    • "Cyber Day" combines online educational tools with student lessons to make the most of days where inclement weather forces cancellation of the regular school day. Assignments are done at home and the day is counted as a “student” day.
  • How will students get assignments for Cyber Day lessons?
    • High School & Middle School teachers will upload assignments in their Google Classroom.
    • Students who have multiple classes will need to check each teacher’s Google Classroom for assignments.
    • Elementary School teacherswill email assignments to parents or send student paper packets home with work to be completed. Some may use Google Classroom.
  • Will cyber lessons be graded?
    • Yes, cyber day lessons count for grades just like regular school days.
  • When are assignments due on cyber days?
    • Teachers will post due dates on Google Classroom or in packets. As a rule of thumb most lessons will be due the next morning when returning to school.
  • Will teachers be available to answer questions for students?
    • Yes, teachers will be able to communicate via email or Google Classroom to assist with lessons as needed. Specific times may be noted to avoid confusion.
  • Why have cyber days?
    • This avoids lengthening the school year and is preferred over adding days at the end of the year or taking away scheduled holidays for snow make-up days.
    • Cyber day lessons will be uploaded as inclement weather is predicted.
  • How will we know if school is closed?
    • Communication will be sent via the SJS App, social media, email, & local news stations.

Coach Mallett Mrs. Susie Freyaldenhoven Mr. Matt Tucker

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