STEM Club Challenge
Susie Freyaldenhoven

STEM-Science Technology Engineering Math Challenge:

On Dec. 1st SJS Middle School STEM members competed in the “Gum Drop Engineering Challenge” during club. After a discussion of structural designs strengths and weaknesses club members were given two challenges.

First, using only gumdrops and toothpicks, teams of two or three were given 10 minutes to build the tallest structure possible. As they planned and began they were informed that their “employer” cut funding on their project and they had to build with one arm behind their backs. Next, the “employer” told them the budget was better so they could use both arms but their company was moving overseas. Therefore, they could not speak the language and had to build without talking. Last, they were told business was moving back to the US and they had 2 minutes left to complete the structure. The winning team was Jered Sanders and Bo Davis with a structure 18” tall.

Challenge Two: In 5 minutes build a structure strong enough to hold the weight of a dictionary. Teams got creative in reinforcing toothpick walls, breaking them in half for shorter & stronger bases, and larger bases to hold the extra weight. All teams were winners in supporting the weight in this challenge!