Free Parent Control on Mobile Apps
Susie Freyaldenhoven

Are your Kids on their mobile device ALL the TIME?

Do your kids stay up past bedtime on the phone or other devices?

Would you like an easy (and FREE) way to set limits, block apps, set time locks, and block unwanted sites?

TECHNOLOGY: Instill values & promote responsibility through accountability.

Here is an APP for all responsible parents!

OurPact App was born from the idea that responsibility can be taught through technology. Providing a realistic take on parental controls, OurPact allows parents and children to use the world of mobile to strengthen their relationships through communication and compromise.

  • Parental controls synced to all devices
  • Parental Timelock: Parents decide how many hours allowed on devices and when
  • App blocker
  • Internet blocker/porn blocker
  • Block social media
  • App rearranging
  • Household chore scheduler