Kids Night Out-Jan. 28th
Susie Freyaldenhoven

Saturday Jan 28th         5:30-10pm or when HOOKS is over!

All proceeds go to HOOKS (Helping Out Our Kids School) here at St. Joseph. For ALL kids ages 3-12. We will only take the first 5 that sign up for the ages -Newborn to 2.5 years old. 13 yrs + is welcome to attend as a helper. 

$20 per child and no more than $40 for the entire family!Included: DINNER- PIZZA  MOVIE, BOUNCE HOUSE, GAMES, AND FUN WITH FRIENDS!     We will take the first 75 kids that sign up. Parents do not have to be attending HOOKS but of course is encouraged!   To reserve your child’s spot text or email  Mrs. Laura At -501-733-3809 today!